The pandemic’s first wave ended in Thailand after reaching 100 days without a domestically transmitted virus case. However, we are overly concerned about a coming second wave as border crossing closures and quarantines cannot control the virus 100% forever.

Golf courses, hotels, restaurants, entertainment complexes, pubs, and other attractions are open.

“There will be limited travel by year-end, although mid-2021 would be a more reasonable estimate of when you can travel safely and without hassles from Australia”

The borders and airports are reopening on a limited basis, and 14-day quarantine affects all persons entering Thailand. The international quarantine arrivals will last for 4-5 months. After that, travel will begin with new safety and health procedures handled before departure or on arrival.  Relaxed travel restrictions from low-risk countries will be first, and after that, travel from other countries will commence.  Australia is on the low-risk country list, though nothing formally has been announced.

Mark Siegel
Managing Director